Live fast Die young I’m gonna eat this whole pizza by myself

This is why I don’t go on dates. They fall asleep on me. Really.

Who needs April Fools when your whole life is a joke

- Talking to Myself -

I wonder why “bad boys” always wear sunglasses even inside. I bet it’s because they actually cry a lot. Babies!

Don’t invite me to your wedding I will look better than you and it will be embarrassing for us both

I’m not here to make friends

Actually I am I just don’t know how

me expressing anger, disbelief, sympathy, or shock
I’m using internet explorer so I hope this posts quickly. Happy New Year 2011

new internet slang for 2014:

  • lol: lots of lesbians
  • omg: oh my g(lesbian)od
  • wtf: with the fair-haired lady (shes a lesbian)
  • btw: bring the wlesbians
  • ily: i love yams

*kisses computer on New Year’s*